Top Reasons Why Malaysia is Your Next Favorite Destination

A travel destination for limited-budget yet adventurous travelers

Skyline view of Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia

Malaysia is a country where nature and civilization are combined together. A travel destination where you can enjoy its top attractions and great hotels while having a limited budget. In this blog we will show you why Malaysia has been welcoming more than 25 million tourists annually. We will also show you the cost, most important travel advice and offers. 

Malaysia is the best destination for honeymooners

Malaysia is the most suitable country for honeymooners and solo travelers thus all tourists people are welcomed, as Malaysia provides charming nature, has many gorgeous islands, and mountains, and it is easy to travel to Malaysia as it does not require a visa for many nationalities.

Resorts and hotels are widely available in Malaysia, providing rooms at excellent and very acceptable prices compared to hotels in other parts of the world, which makes traveling to Malaysia easy and within a limited budget.

1. Enjoy a five-star hotel with a reasonable price!

If you visit Langkawi, the most famous island in Malaysia, you will enjoy luxury in its true meaning. Don’t be surprised if you see 5-star chalets built elegantly on stilts above playful waves. You may even reserve a private villa with a private pool for more enjoyable privacy. You can even choose the room based on the view you desire. Hotels in Malaysia will never disappoint you. You will definitely enjoy a lavish and spacious experience. Berjaya Langkawi resort, Danna resort, St. Regis Langkawi resort, the hard rock and lexis suites hotels in penang. All of these are 5-star hotels with great price providing true luxury and international cuisines.

Luxurious 5-star hotels in Malaysia with affordable prices

2. Various islands and great beaches that provide privacy, relaxation and activities

Malaysia is famous for its great islands such as Langkawi, Penang, Pangkor Island, Perhentian Islands, Sipadan Island, Mantanani, Redang Island, Sultan’s private island, Pulau Tiga, Pom Pom Island, Lankayan Island, Kapas Island and Tenggol Island. 

Perhentian Islands drone view, Malaysia

The most well known island in Malaysia is Langkawi followed by Penang. If you are an adventurous lover of snorkeling, swimming and diving in clear water then Perhentian is definitely your choice as it is 6 hours drive from Langkawi. Traveling from Langkawi is a direct fly from Kuala Lumpur and it might cost you around 300 malaysian ringgit (the malaysian currency). 

Langkawi island cable car view, Malaysia

Langkawi Island is the most important place and island in Malaysia, as it is a favorite for tourism destinations because of it’s nice welcoming local people. The island of Langkawi is distinguished by the presence of the Sky Bridge, which is one of the most important tourist places in Malaysia and is a very special experience, we strongly recommend visiting it. The most popular tourist places for tourists on Langkawi Island are the cable cars and the Sky Bridge, Under the Sea World, Chenang Beach, Fruit Park, Wildlife Sanctuary, Crocodile Farm, as well as the Seven Springs Waterfalls. 

Eagle square a statue welcoming Langkawi visitors, Malaysia

It is also called Langkawi Island as the island of Eagles in Malaysia, as Eagle Square is the face of Eagles Island of Langkawi and the most famous tourist attraction in Malaysia for tourism lovers in Malaysia. Eagle Square is the place that reflects the name Langkawi Island. The square is characterized by the monument of the giant eagle, which ranges to 12 meters in length, and the brown color of the statue was chosen and the eagle’s readiness to take off, where the name of Nagawi is half of which is the word eagle in the ancient Malaysian language and the other half means brown. And you can do a lot of activities in this place, where you can feed the eagles, enjoy a sightseeing tour and exploration of the area and taste the most delicious seafood. It is preferable not to walk around at noon time because the sun is very hot at this time, so it is preferable to enjoy a cold drink with the sea view in a quiet cafe, and when the sun reduces and the evening approaches, you can walk around and take beautiful selfies. 

One of the most popular activities for tourists coming to Langkawi Island is a mangrove cruise on a speedboat where you can watch views of the mangroves floating over the salt water.

There are no tickets to enter the venue as it is free to walk around and it is open 24 hours

And if you are coming to this place on a sailboat, you will see the giant eagle heading towards the sea as if it welcomes your arrival. The seven walls waterfalls is about a 20-minute walk from the famous Sky Suspension Bridge which is the most beautiful natural attraction in Langkawi, there are seven natural springs or wells formed at different levels by streams that flow down the second highest mountain in Langkawi – Mt Matt Cinkang. Entrance is free and you can visit the Seven Wells waterfall at any time during the day, but it is best to visit it during the day.

Watch mangrove tour

3. Great attractions providing fun activities and experiences not found in another country!

KLCC Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

As long as you are in Malaysia we promise you that you will never get bored. You will be surrounded by many attractions that are very close to your hotel. Starting with Petronas Twin Towers located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur the capital city of Malaysia, and if you walk for a couple of minutes you will arrive at KL aquarium where there are many exotic marine species. Selangor is another famous district near Kuala Lumpur, where you can find Zoo Negara (National Zoo) and Sunway Lagoon theme park which are two great attractions for families coming to Malaysia to enjoy their stay with their kids. While you are in Selangor don’t forget to have an joyful walk around Batu caves which is a limestone hill that has a series of caves and cave temples in Gombak where malaysian tamil hindus celebrate their yearly festival called Thaipusam (Thai means the 10th month of the year and pusam means when the moon is at its brightest). 

Batu caves Selangor, Malaysia

It’s known that Malaysia weather is almost a humid tropical weather as well as rainy, so if you need a fresh and cool breeze you may visit Genting and Cameron highlands where the weather there is more cooler. Genting Highlands offer you some of the prettiest scenery in Malaysia especially if you choose to have a ride in the gondola lift/cable car called Awana Skyway that will take you up to the Chin Swee Caves Temple if you want to stop by and visit the temple, then you may continue your journey to the top where you will arrive at the Premium Outlet a great mall exhibiting the designer brands with great discounts, restaurants such as japanese, malay, chinese and more. In addition, Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park promises endless fun for everyone in the family which is a theme park located in the mall of Genting.

In addition to the previous attractions, Penang island is also famous for its historical museums. In Cameron highlands, you can enjoy a cup of fresh tea from tea farms and collect strawberries from strawberries farms. Langkawi island is what Malaysia is known for after it’s capital city. Once you arrive at Langkawi by the sea, you will see a great huge brown ready-to-take-off eagle statue as if the eagle is welcoming you. Langkawi is considered a great place for seafood lovers, diving, feeding the eagles and mangrove boat tour.

4. You do not need a huge budget to travel to Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the cheap affordable tourist countries of Asia, where you can book a five-star hotel at a price of $100 per day only, or eat a meal in a fancy Arab or Indian restaurant at a cost not exceeding $12, the cost of tourist places is acceptable and not high, the Malaysian government is always keen to that travel to Malaysia is accessible to all people, as the visa has no fees and your entry to Malaysia is free.

Yes, you can travel with limited budget and enjoy your stay in Malaysia to the fullest

5. A shopping paradise

Kuala Lumpur is a famous tourist attraction, especially for the people of Asia, and it is famous for its many malls and popular shopping centers, be sure when staying in Kuala Lumpur to be near Arab Street and the Pavilion Mall, as this area is the center of the country and contains many restaurants and malls. 

Arab street in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Arab street is a favorite destination for international tourists, with an abundance of Arab restaurants and a great place to shop where the most famous international brands are located. While you walk there, you’ll enjoy free musical performances by local singers. We recommend visiting Pavillion Mall because it is the most beautiful mall in Malaysia, and it is also advised to go to Lowyat Plaza Mall, which is a special mall for electronics. Close to each other, 5 minutes from Arab Street. Not to mention the top biggest malls in Malaysia that are Midvally megamall, IOI city mall, Sunway Pyramid mall, One Utama and Berjaya Times square. 

Pavillion Mall a great shopping paradise in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

6. Rain forests and summer climate throughout the year

Malaysia contains the oldest rainforests in the history of the world, even older than the Amazon forests, especially if you visit Sabah, Sarawak and Bunio, you will pass through rain forests that are millions years old, these forests are a target for tourists from all countries of the world.

Malaysia is characterized by its weather and summer climate throughout the year, there is almost daily rain and it is considered a tropical country, and this is what makes it a destination for lovers of islands and relaxation, do not worry about the weather when planning to travel to Malaysia, you can book and travel at any time of the year.

Batu caves Selangor, Malaysia

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