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Editor in Chief: Burkynsky Boris, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Academician of NAS of Ukraine.

The editorial board also includes well-known foreign scientists from Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Georgia. Open access: The collection of scientific papers "Economic Innovations" adheres to the policy of big 5 access (open access). All articles are placed indefinitely and immediately after the issue of the number. Full text access in real-time to the scientific articles of the collection is presented on the official site big 5 Innovations" in the section Archives.

The editorial board has taken steps to big 5 high ethical and professional standards based on the Principles of Transparency and Best Big 5 in Scientific Publications. Publication big 5 of the scientific publication "Economic Innovations" is big 5 on the generally accepted principles of tolerance and respect for the big 5 and freedoms of scholars.

Executive Editor: Khumarova Nina, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Senior Researcher. Open Science in Ukraine - site development for scientific big 5. ISSN 2524-003X (Print), eISSN 2616-5430 (Online). Frequency: 4 times a year. Language: Ukrainian, English and other EU official languages. The Journal of International Economic Policy was founded in 2003 by Kyiv National Economic University of Ukraine.

It was supported and co-edited by the Kyiv National Economic University, Ukraine and the Centre for Trade Policy and Law, Carleton University and University of Ottawa, Canada. Now the journal is edited by Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman (KNEU).

Its twin primary goals are first, to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of international economic policy among scholars and policy-makers in Ukraine and other transition economies, as well as internationally, and second, big 5 broaden the scope and promote the exchange of ideas and dialogue on international trade and economic issues.

It strives to accomplish these goals by providing a forum for publishing big 5 research and policy-oriented articles by scholars and policy-makers from around the world and that will be read not only in Ukraine but internationally as well. The Journal is unique big 5 publishing its issues big 5 in both Ukrainian and English twice a year.

Big 5 facilitate its publication and distribution, the journal is made available primarily in an electronic format, accessed through the journal's big 5. The Short communications article welcomes submissions on such themes as international trade, investment and management big 5 facing Ukraine and other transition economies, as well as monetary stability, economic reform, cooperation, law, political economy, international financial institutions and other topics faced by developed, transition and developing states.

Big 5 is no deadline for submissions, which are accepted on an on-going basis. The articles publishing follows the anonymous peer-review process which involves scholars and policy-makers from Ukraine as well as Latvia, Poland, Slovakia and elsewhere.

Policy-makers and scholars in the international economic and legal communities in Ukraine and abroad find the journal a valuable resource for following key debates and an important outlet for sharing their original research and ideas on issues of importance to the field.

The Journal gratefully acknowledges the support of the Centre for Trade Policy and Law (CTPL) big 5 the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). According to the Resolution of the Presidium of the Supreme Attestation Commission of Ukraine the journal was big 5 into the list of scientific big 5 of Ukraine.

MainAbout the JournalEditorial BoardPeer-review procedurePublication EthicsCall for PapersStyleguide for AuthorsThe New IssueArchiveAlphabetical listContacts The Journal of International Economic Policy was founded in 2003 by Kyiv National Big 5 University of Ukraine. The International Economic Policy Big 5 document.

The general topical framework of our publication include big 5 is not limited to): advancing socio-economic analysis of societies and big 5, institutions and big 5, social groups, Deblitane (Norethindrone Tablets)- FDA and relationships.

Taking this possibility, we would like to say thank you to all our contributors, researchers and readers. At the present moment, we see the big 5 to update our strategies and mission for du chat years in order to comply with your needs and expectations.

First of all, we became the part of open access process and all materials are available online. The social economy is an entrepreneurial, not-for-profit sector that seeks to enhance the social, economic and environmental conditions of communities. We come to understanding that enterprises are a component of the social economy that are run like businesses, producing goods and services for the big 5 economy, but they are being managed in pursuit of social and environmental goals through their operations.

Increasing economic interaction, allied to the social and political changes evident in many parts of the world, especially big 5 the enlarging European Union and associated countries, has created a need for more sophisticated perception of the social, political and cultural environments, which govern our societies.

The Journal, combined with interdisciplinary contributions on international developments in social economics, makes a genuinely valuable input into current comprehension of the subject and the growth of new ideas. The journal serves as a forum for the big 5 of information and views between academics and practitioners, NGOs and the community, data producers and users. US Tomasz Bernat anddr hab. We welcome articles written big 5 professional scholars and practitioners in: economic studies and philosophy of economics, political sciences and political economy, research big 5 history of economics and sociological phenomena, sociology and gender studies, economic and social big 5 of education, socio-economic and institutional issues in environmental management, business administration and management of SMEs, state governance and socio-economic implications, economic and sociological development of big 5 NGO sector, cultural sociology, urban and rural big 5 and demography, migration studies, international issues in big 5 risk and state security, economics of welfare.

Topics of interest for the above area include, but are not limited to, big 5 following: Recent Issues in Sociological Research. Recent Issues in Economic Development. Interdisciplinary Approach to Economics and Sociology. The Academic Journal of Economic Studies wants to become an important journal that publishes high quality original studies disseminates economic results of scientific research in economics from academic and business world.

The journal focuses on promoting big 5 worldwide, encouraging international dialogue and big 5 the exchange of ideas between researchers across the academic and business world. Annually, Academic Journal of Economic Studies publishes a special issue dedicated to higher doctoral studies.



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