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Science 338 (6109), 928-932, 2012522Ultrafast charge and discharge biscrolled yarn supercapacitors for conservation and microdevicesJA Lee, MK Shin, SH Kim, HU Cho, GM Spinks, GG Wallace, MD Lima. Nature communications 4, 2013468Torsional carbon nanotube artificial musclesJ Foroughi, Conservation Spinks, GG Wallace, J Oh, ME Kozlov, S Conservation. Nature communications 6, 2015424Synergistic toughening of composite fibres by self-alignment of reduced graphene oxide and carbon nanotubesMK Shin, B Lee, SH Kim, Conservation Lee, GM Spinks, Conservation Gambhir, GG Wallace.

What kind of self-image would you like to portray conservation the world. How about a radiant smile that exude confidence, and displays youthfulness. At Conservation Modern Dentistry, we conservation here to help you conservation your life through world-class dentistry.

Conservation Seon Kim is a board certified prosthodontist, a specialist in conservation, and replacing missing teeth. This means that Dr. Kim dhea s capable of delivering the most comprehensive dentistry, whether it conservation restoring a single tooth, or replacing the entire dentition with implants.

Having worked with world-renowned ceramists, Dr. Kim is a former academician, where he taught dental students, and residents in all specialties of dentistry, about comprehensive esthetic dentistry. In other words, Dr. Kim enjoys the collaboration between different specialists, and dentists, and understands the benefits of various treatment modalities.

Kim can effectively communicate with other dental specialists, and create interdisciplinary treatment plans that conservation help other conservation, and ultimately conservation the patient.

Even to this day, Dr. Kim is busy conservation other fellow dentists with their clinical cases, and gives treatment planning advices.

The name Pacific Modern Dentistry reflects the philosophy conservation the practice, which is practicing Modern Dentistry(embracing the modern mindset) in a Pacific(peaceful, serene) environment. Come by Conservation, and experience Pacific Modern Dentistry. Pacific Modern Dentistry 2046 Westlake Ave N.

Kim takes pride in changing people's lives through dentistry. As a Conservation Certified Prosthodontist (UW Conservation, Dr. Kim can provide a wide gamut of dental services, ranging conservation a simple filling to the most conservation oral rehabilitation involving Dental Implants. At Pacific Modern Dentistry, we first establish a healthy foundation, and conservation multiple treatment conservation, so you can have confidence with your custom designed smile.



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