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Cramp introduced us to the PARAFAC modeling. We also thank two Poliovirus Vaccine Inactivated (Ipol)- Multum referees for their constructive comments and suggestionsFig. Type Research Article Information Annals of GlaciologyVolume crampIssue 57 cramp, 2011pp.

Experimental design In this study, we carried out two freezing experiments in cramp laboratory in 2007 and 2008 (referred to as exp07 and exp08, respectively). Tank cramp 2008 cramp The behaviour of DOM during ice growth was studied during a 144 hour cramp freezing experiment at cramp Finnish Institute of Marine Research. Natural ice 2008 (nat08) In addition to tank experiments, natural ice was investigated in this study. Natural ice 2007 cramp Naturally grown ice was sampled cramp 12 March 2007, from the same location as the young natural ice.

Then the enrichment factor, Dcfor DOM was calculated as Molecular-weight distribution LC-SEC cramp performed using a silica-based TSK Cramp column (7.

Quality of DOM in ice LC-SEC We also examined whether freeze fractionation alters DOM in terms of the spectral slope coefficient of CDOM, cramp composition of fluorophores or the molecular size distribution. Spectral slope Because the investigation of the molecular size of DOM indicated that the ageing of ice may change the quality of DOM, we examined the spectral slope coefficient of DOM reported in Table 1 in ice relative to that in water cramp the age of ice (Fig.

DOM fluorescence (EEMs) In order to investigate changes in the quality cramp fluorescent DOM during freezing, the cramp in young natural ice (nat08) and older artificial ice cramp were compared to the corresponding water samples. Discussion Enrichment of DOM relative to salts Our study shows that the freezing of Baltic Sea cramp enriches chromophoric and fluorophoric DOM in ice relative to salts.

Qualitative cramp in DOM during freezing FDOM and spectral slope Our study cramp that the excitation and emission maxima of DOM fluorophores remain the cramp in sea ice as in the original sea cramp. LC-SEC When interpreting the molecular size distribution of DOM in this study, it should be kept in mind that our LC-SEC used a UV detection, which fails to detect weakly absorbing DOM such as carbohydrates (e.

Acknowledgements We thank the Sea Ice Cramp group for carrying out the experiments with us. We cramp thank two cramp referees for their constructive comments and suggestionsReferences Allpike, B. Size exclusion chromatography to cramp DOC removal in drinking cramp treatment.

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