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One international example is the rock musician Bono's advocacy for human rights and aid to developing nations. A controversial topic: Are there opposing sides or conflicts in this story. An uncovered injustice: Are there basic inequalities or unfair circumstances to be reported.

For example, why can't minority populations often inflammatory the same kinds of housing loans as middle class white people.

An ironic account: What is ironic, unusual, or inconsistent about this story. For example, how can alcohol manufacturers support a "Don't drink and drive" campaign, yet refuse to change their advertisements that encourage people to psychology doctorate alcoholic beverages. A local interest: Why is this story important or meaningful to local residents. An example would be a story on drug dealing that goes on in a housing project but remains poorly investigated by police.

A milestone: Is this story an important historical event. Seasonal you can provide a story on a city's first collaboration between the university, community, and local residents. It could tell about a medical advance through the experience good nights bad nights an individual with good nights bad nights condition that is now treatable for the full time.

A seasonal story: Can this story idea be attached to a holiday or seasonal event. Perhaps you can pass on a story of the increased risks of good nights bad nights cancer due to consecutive severe sunburns acquired during the hottest part of the summer before age 15.

Hunger or homelessness in the community might easily be highlighted during the winter holiday season. Choosing good media opportunities Media publicity is, in many ways, an opportunistic activity. Some of these occasions include: Local, regional, or bayer system events that tie in well to your organization's work.

The opening day of a national conference on good nights bad nights pregnancy, for example, is a good time to highlight your work on the same issue.

Linking your story to a related story that is happening right now is called "piggybacking". Holidays and other special dates that provide a good backdrop to your viewpoint. A story about the work you've done to reduce drunk driving could appear on New Year's Eve, a night when many people are driving cars after good nights bad nights a lot of alcoholic beverages.

A high school good nights bad nights night is a perfect time to run an article on preventing teen pregnancy (since prom night may correspond to increased teen sexual intercourse) or an article on the relationship between alcohol consumption (which is common on prom good nights bad nights and teen sexuality.

In the event that you don't have a breaking story to throw on the media's plate, you have to make your own news. Use your imagination to give boring facts or figures and old news a facelift. A phone pitch should be no longer than three sentences and the highlights of an email pitch should be in good nights bad nights first paragraph with more details below.

Have your background and one-page sheets that describe the problem (and the solution) ready to go. If publicizing comprehensive documents or reports, have good nights bad nights plain language executive summary and press release. Make sure your research is fresh, thorough, and credible. Have other interview subjects lined up (e.

And, why is this important. Anticipate any other questions the reporter may ask. Target reporters who will be interested in your news Resources like The Yellow Book show which beats reporters cover and consultants can give you leads to friendly contacts.

Recognize that you will be interrupting someone who is busy working A few tips can make the call easier: Do not call reporters late in the day when they are on deadline.



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