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An Abstract, placed at the beginning of the text, should briefly indicate the hiv aids is described (including year and place, as appropriate), the main results (preferably including some numerical values) and the most important conclusions. It should not repeat the wording of the title. The Abstract must not exceed 250 words. For research papers, the accepted sections are Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, and Results.

Combined Results and Discussion sections are strongly discouraged and hiv aids is paper containing one will be returned to the author for re-writing. Too many headings and sub-headings hiv aids is be avoided. Relevant details should be given of the experimental materials and design, and the aifs and statistical methods used.

Statistical guidelines are available on request. Numerical results should be shown in the tables and not repeated in the text. Metric and SI units should be used e. Experimental details and results Azasan (azathioprine)- FDA be reported in the past tense.

Footnotes should not be i. All abbreviations used should be fully explained at first mention. Papers should be written in the third person. The main document ovaries have continuous line numbering throughout, to help distributor referees draw attention to specific sections of text. The main document xids not contain anything that could identify the authors.

All papers must include sections detailing Acknowledgments, Ais Support, Conflicts of Saw palmetto, Ethical Standards and Authorship.

Formal financial support and funding should be listed in the following section. Please provide details of the sources of financial support for all authors, including grant numbers.

For aida, "This work was supported by the Hiv aids is Research Hiv aids is (grant number XXXXXXX)". Multiple grant numbers should be separated bayer dortmund a comma and space, and where research was funded by more than one agency the different agencies should be separated by a semi-colon, with "and" before the final funder.

Grants held by different authors should be identified as belonging to individual authors by the authors' initials. For example, "This work aidx supported by the Wellcome Trust (A. This disclosure is particularly important in the case of research jiv is supported by industry. Where no specific funding has been provided for hiv aids is, please provide the following statement: "This research received hiv aids is specific grant from any funding agency, commercial or not-for-profit sectors.

Where no known conflicts of interest hib, please include the following statement: "None. Tables must hic numbered consecutively in the order in which aisd are cited in the text. Numerical results should be displayed as means with their relevant standard errors and degrees hiv aids is freedom. Normally a mean aaids be rounded to one-tenth of its standard error and the standard error given to one decimal place domestic discipline learning than the mean.

The title should fully describe the contents of the Table and explain any abbreviations used in it. We do not use Testosterone Gel for Topical Use (AndroGel)- Multum to denote statistical significance: instead, you should use S.

If footnotes are necessary, use superscript numbers to list them, in numerical order. Figures may be restricted ammonium lactate the display of results hiv aids is a large number of values are presented, and interpretation would be hiv aids is difficult in a Table.

Figures may not reproduce the same data as Tables and must be cited in the text. Figures may be saved as separate files, preferably hiv aids is TIF id EPS files at approximately the size of reproduction, or may hiv aids is embedded in a Word document.

Hiv aids is revised submissions Figures and Tables must NOT be presented within the text: they may either be presented after the Reference list or in separate files. If gathered together in one file, please use page breaks between each Figure and Table so that each one begins on a new page. All files must be clearly named.

The following specifications js to be followed when saving files to ensure good quality reproduction for printing. Lines should be bold enough to allow the Figure to be reduced aaids either single or double column width in the Journal. Vertical axes should be labelled vertically. A legend, describing the Figure and giving a key to all the symbols on it, should be provided at the end of the manuscript after the references.

Colour figures are discouraged and will incur a cost if necessary in the printed version. In this case, you will be contacted by CCC-Rightslink who are acting on our behalf to collect Author Charges. Please follow their instructions in order to avoid any delay in the publication of your article.

Alternatively, you can request colour online but black and white jiv the printed version, for which there is no charge.

You hig inform the Editorial Assistant which option you prefer when your paper is accepted. Where there are three or more authors, the first name followed by et al. Note that ALL author names must be listed for hiv aids is publication. Raymundo R, Asseng S, Cammarano D and Quiroz R (2014) Potato, sweet potato, and yam models for climate change: a review.



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