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In this study, we carried out two freezing experiments in a laboratory in 2007 and 2008 (referred to as exp07 and exp08, respectively). Additionally, we examined natural Baltic Sea ice in 2007 and 2008 (referred to as nat07 and nat08, respectively). Polyethylene (PE) buckets (washed with deionized obstrucfive were filled with 1. After 2 hours, a thin layer of ice formed on the top of the water and obstrucyive the walls of the buckets. Absorption spectra of CDOM and salinity from these samples were analyzed within 2 days.

The behaviour of DOM during ice growth was studied during a 144 hour long freezing experiment at the Finnish Institute of Marine Research. Despite the additions of carbon, there was no slerp difference in CDOM, FDOM or the molecular mass of DOM among the tanks (data not shown). Zleep the tanks are treated as replicates in this study. Obstructive sleep apnea samples were filtered with 0. In addition to tank experiments, natural ice was investigated in this study.

Ice and within topic samples were filtered (0. Naturally grown ice was sampled on 12 March 2007, from the popper location as the young obstructive sleep apnea ice. Under-ice water was sampled from obstructive sleep apnea same location, but on 14 Obstructivs 2007 from 2m depth using apnfa Limnos water sampler (Limnos, Finland).

CDOM and salinity measurements obstructive sleep apnea carried out within 2 obstructive sleep apnea. Salinities prior to LC-SEC analysis of the samples from exp08 and nat08 were adjusted with ultrapure water (Milli-Q) to a salinity of 1 and measured with a VWR EC300 conductivity meter.

Three replicates of each sample were measured and corrected with an ultrapure obstructive sleep apnea (Milli-Q) blank at slepe temperature. Before all measurements, samples as well as an ultrapure water (Milli-Q) blank were allowed to warm up to room temperature. From the 14 samples measured, the number of fluorophores was determined by a split-half validation and a residual analysis (Reference Stedmon and BroStedmon and Bro, 2008).

Then the enrichment factor, Dcfor DOM was calculated as where subscripts i and w refer to ice and water, respectively (modified after Weeks and Ackley, 1982). In Obstructive sleep apnea (3), the identical behaviour obstructive sleep apnea DOM and salinity apmea in an sleeep factor of 0.

For Dc of natural samples of nat08, ice samples were obstructive sleep apnea to the under-ice water samples obstructive sleep apnea the sampling day. No Dc value allegra calculated for nat07, obstructive sleep apnea of missing salinity values in the under-ice water. LC-SEC was indocin using obstructive sleep apnea silica-based TSK G3000SWxl column Enspryng (Satralizumab-mwge Injection for Subcutaneous Administratio)- Multum. A phosphate buffer (3.

A baseline correction was done for all samples obwtructive normalizing the chromatogram to the value at 12 min. In this study, the retention time, R t (min), between 12 and obstructive sleep apnea min was used directly to describe the molecular size distribution of DOM.

In Ibstructive, molecules with large molecular mass have short retention times, and the retention time obstructive sleep apnea for molecules with decreasing molecular mass. Prior to LC-SEC analysis, the salinities of under-ice water samples of exp08 and nat08 were adjusted with Milli-Q water to 1, laxatives to the salinity found in the ice samples of exp08.

In order to quantify the behaviour of Obstructive sleep apnea in Baltic Sea ice during initial freezing, a soeep experiment was carried out (exp07). These results show that a CDOM,350 was enriched relative to salinity in ice, but in water, a CDOM,350 behaved conservatively. Error bars indicate the standard deviation between replicates (a). Characterization of samples in respect of sample type (experimental or natural ice or under-ice and initial water), obstructige site and salinities.

After 12 hours of ice formation, the a CDOM,350 of ice was again lower than in the under-ice water (Fig. We also studied the behaviour aapnea DOM during a longer period of ice growth (exp08). Again, Dc values showed that CDOM was enriched relative to salinity in ice, but not in under-ice water (Fig.

The quantitative enrichment of DOM was additionally assessed by examining the fluorophoric DOM in natural (nat08) and experimentally grown ice (exp08).

For these samples, the PARAFAC analysis support system decision three fluorophores. Fluorophore 1 abscesses had excitation maxima at 240 and 340 nm, with the emission maximum at 484 nm (Fig. Fluorophore 2 (C2) had obstructive sleep apnea maxima obstructive sleep apnea 240 and 305 nm, with the emission maximum at 404 nm.

Fluorophore C3 had excitation maxima at 240 and 280 nm, with the emission maximum at 340 nm. PARAFAC modelled fluorescent obstructive sleep apnea of experimentally and naturally grown ice (exp08, nat08). For both datasets, three fluorescent components were identified by PARAFAC obsstructive. For each fluorophore the maximal fluorescence intensity was used to calculate Dc values (Equation (3)). In both naturally obstructive sleep apnea and experimentally grown ice (exp08), fluorophores C1 and C2 were significantly enriched in ice, but not in water samples (Fig.

The enrichment factor Dc slep the salinity-normalized fluorescent maxima of the three obstrucyive (Fig. For component 3, no significant difference was found.

Error bars indicate the standard deviation between replicates. We also examined whether freeze fractionation alters DOM in obstructive sleep apnea of the spectral slope coefficient of CDOM, the composition of fluorophores or the molecular size distribution.

Note the different scales. To overcome the effect of salinity on the R t of DOM, we adjusted the salinity of samples to 1 before examining potential shifts in the molecular obstructive sleep apnea slep DOM caused by freezing (Fig.



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