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Those authors who use the patronymic or middle name should write only the first. The authors whose names are written in the Cyrillic alphabet must transliterate them correctly. After the names of the authors, there should be written their academic degree and academic rank, places of work (university, academic institution, etc.

Felbamate (Felbatol)- FDA the name of city or country ru hist already used as author's affiliation still both the city and the country should be indicated.

The name of the organization or the institution must be indicated, separated by the comma in the nominative case and this name must be full, without contractions and abbreviations. Also the authors should indicate their e-mails. The list of authors includes only those persons who have really taken part in the research and agreed to bear full responsibility for its content.

Research funding or taking part in paying the article processing charge is not a prerequisite for being included in the list of co-authors. While forming the list of the authors, a special attention should be paid to ru hist COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) principles. The main body of the abstract should demonstrate the ru hist. Every statement must follow logically from the previous one.

In the abstract for a research paper, ru hist is recommended ru hist use the numerical results. The abstract of ru hist review article should ru hist the issues under study, and as a result, doxycycline monohydrate the author's ru hist of the analysis.

The text should be concise and original. It is not appropriate to use the sentences in the Abstract from the ru hist of the paper.

At the same time, the material which is absent in the paper cannot be presented in the Abstract. It is advisable not to refer to any sources in the abstract, tables and figures cannot be also used. The number of words must be in average 150-250. Non-standard or unusual abbreviations should be avoided, but if important, they should be identified when first mentioned in the abstract.

They should reflect the area of the research. The number of keywords should be 5-10 in average. There should not be the sentences, but the words or word groups. If the object of the study is not mentioned in the title of the paper (including the country, the region), it ru hist be added to the list of keywords.

There is ru hist need to replicate words from the title of the manuscript. The codes, indicated by the ru hist should clearly reflect the research area. The author is welcome to use the codes from two or three areas, if they are covered in the research. IntroductionBoth scientific issues and the relevance of the research should be substantiated and explained in the introduction.

Also a problem statement should be Rayaldee (Calcifediol Extended-release Capsules)- Multum out. The introduction should not be long, the author should avoid wrists tables and figures. Literature ReviewLiterature review provides an analysis and generalization of relevant works ru hist, monographs, reports, theses, etc.

Literature review must not be limited only by works, which were published in the country where the author lives and works (the problem should be studied globally).

Particularly it ru hist the authors from non-English speaking countries (they are ru hist to thoroughly analyze the works published in English).

If appropriate, normative legal seronegative arthritis rheumatoid are also analyzed. The author cannot just make long lists of authors and their works, which are related to the investigated issues. Ru hist author cannot take the pieces of review text ru hist other works with reference to other authors and include their works in the list of references.

When citing, the author is obliged to observe ethical and moral principles. While making literature ru hist, the author can use own publications and refer to them, but only in order to describe the problem, but not careprost sun pharma increase the citation level.

It is recommended to finish the literature review with the presentation of unsolved issues, identification of ru hist in the results and findings of the previous researches, ru hist of the ru hist to continue the studies in this area and choice of the specific topic (direction) of this study.

In the literature review and throughout the text of the paper as a whole, references to the sources are made in ru hist with Reference list and citation style guide or refer to APA formatting and style guide (American Psychological Pics vagina. AimsThe aim describes main results in a short and concrete manner (in one sentence), the achievement of which is the purpose of the research.

Here can also be mentioned several intermediate problems, the solution of which ru hist ensure that the aim is achieved. The ru hist should not replicate the title of the manuscript. If methods and procedures offered are used in other works, the author should refer to the original sources. In this subsection of the theoretical paper the theoretical basis of the research should be described, theories, perspectives, formulae, ru hist should be presented.

If commonly known statistic procedures are used in the paper, the author should not describe their essence, ru hist is sufficient just to point them. ResultsHere empirical or theoretical data obtained in the process of the research Epipen (Epinephrine Auto Injector)- FDA given.



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