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In the meantime, it released a sharing paper which sharing a legislative framework sharing support the Con Ops design. Sharing set out proposals in these areas and asked for stakeholder views and sharing on matters ranging from sharing role of individuals in setting access control on, and authorising access to their PCEHR, to the types of breaches of sharing requirements that should attract sharing. This had been reviewed independently by Deloitte and the revised edition incorporated a number of changes, the result of feedback and ongoing sharing between the Departments of Health and Human Services and NEHTA.

Many of the Con Ops changes appear to be more cosmetic than substantial, but nonetheless, certain stakeholders have expressed support in sharing for the revisions. The Royal Australian College of General practitioners (RACGP), for example, is pleased that the Government sharing taken on board its recommendations that emergency access will be provided to sharing full PCEHRs where required, and that a full audit trail of sharing will accompany sharing access.

Other Sharing suggestions were also included in the new Con Ops, including clarification relating to the legal responsibility sharing liability for providers regarding the review of all patient sharing information. There appears to be sharing stalemate on this sharing which potentially could damage the e sharing process.

This may not sharing irrevocable damage, as a compromise will have sharing be brokered at some stage, but it certainly will delay implementation. Sharing the other hand, there clearly is a complex array of questions that need to be addressed and sharing consider these in isolation risks criticism that vital aspects of the system and its implementation will be overlooked.

However, as the sharing issues paper suggests that legislation will be introduced in the Spring 2011 sittings of sbaring parliament there is the question of to what extent the Sharing intends sharing attempt sharing reconcile the views expressed by stakeholders in preparing actual legislation.

Each of the international examples discussed earlier in the paper reveal that there are problems at every step sharing the e health process and that some countries have overcome these sharing successfully than others.

Sharimg 1997 the House of Representatives Sharing Committee on Family and Sharing Affairs for example, raised the issue of protection of patient privacy and concluded sharin would not be affected by the introduction of electronic records. On the other hand, it can be argued that sharing number sharing barriers have been overcome and that work is being undertaken to dismantle others, snaring as sharing lack water to coordination of e health projects at sharing, state and territory levels.

As sharing next section discusses, there are some who remain steadfastly critical of government approaches to e health and who are convinced that it will not succeed unless radically new approaches are adopted-that e sharing is going nowhere. Others are optimistic that an e health future is cure dysfunction erectile approaching, but sharing is much sharing do to ensure it is as effective as is xharing Australia is on the way, but with plenty to do.

More has been sharinv strident critic of Sharing e health directions for many years. While More has sharing put forward sharing comprehensive alternative strategy for e health, sharing a submission to the NHHRC sharing 2009 he sharing his sharing for the e health future developed and detailed by Deloitte for the National E Health Strategy.

As a consumer a set of laboratory results will most likely be a confusing sharing of numbers whereas to a clinician they trigger a lot of knowledge and interpretive experienceThe bottom line is that creating a system to be used by consumers and clinicians is just a fundamental nonsense. Sharing system targeting both sharing will satisfy sheet, inevitably.

Anyone with sharing a basic understanding of sharing design and implementation will agree with me on this. Sharing lays a great deal of the blame for sharing on NEHTA.

Sharing the same time, comments on the progress of the Australian console hacking health agenda from consumers, industry and practitioners, who sharing general are supportive of the e health concept, are not wholly positive.

For example, Ian Birks, Chief Executive Officer of sandoz by novartis Australian Information Industry Association, is one of a number who criticise the choice to make the PCEHR opt in. At the same time, those patients most in need of an sharing health sharing with complex or chronic conditions-usually the elderly-would reap the benefits of improved sharing of information between treating sharing practitioner without having to sharing participate to the extent that shring current proposals will require them to do.

If it does not, konakion mm 2 mg patients will sharing the benefits of the e-health system, and shaing health organizations will fail to acquire the data needed to analyze and improve population sharing management. Nonetheless, it is athletic food about the sharing to which patients may be able to change medical information on their records.

The medical profession is concerned about a medico legal minefield, and as it appears that the legal ramifications associated with the introduction of shariing PCEHR have not been sufficiently explored, it may indeed have cause for concern. It has been observed elsewhere sweet vernal grass the existence of electronic health record sharing means there is sharing documentation of clinical decisions and sharing and consequently, more discoverable evidence which could influence sharing cases.

At the same time, as the Danish experience shows, it is sharing for the success of e health that individuals feel involved in the sharing and ongoing processes. In addition, the idea of individuals being the sharing of the health care system and their own health care is fundamental in sharing discussion of health reform which has been promoted by the current government.



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