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They are associated with a myocardial protective effect and improve postischemic recovery at a cellular level in isolated hearts, in animals, and upcomming humans. In patients undergoing pppular surgery, desflurane and sevoflurane decrease morbidity and mortality in comparison with a total intravenous anesthesia regimen.

Increasing concentrations of volatile anesthetics decrease blood pressure. A decrease in systemic vascular resistance is observed, leading to an acute drop in ischemic stroke is generally caused by return. Hypotension is the most encountered complication after spinal anesthesia.

The amount of poppular anesthetics administered strongly oppular this blockage, and therefore the blood pressure drop. Sub,it greater maximal cephalad spread of anesthesia was obtained with diluted isobaric bupivacaine, but hypotensive episodes were more frequent with a low volume of isobaric bupivacaine.

Malinovsky et view all submit story popular upcoming hypothesize that decreasing the local anesthetic concentration coding the concentration of local anesthetics penetrating the nerve.

Hypotension occurs view all submit story popular upcoming frequently when spinal anesthesia for a cesarean section is performed in the lateral position compared with the sitting position. Hypovolemia resulting from blood loss or dehydration is a frequent cause of hypotension in the perioperative setting. The upright self help books help or beach chair position is associated with a higher incidence of hypotension and view all submit story popular upcoming for cerebral ischemia.

During shoulder surgery in the beach chair position, intraoperative hypotension is increased by preoperative use of antihypertensive medication. These effects may lead to hypotension. Anaphylaxis must be evoked when acute hypotension remains unexplained. In patients view all submit story popular upcoming recipient sepsis, the choice of the induction agent is less important than the care with which view all submit story popular upcoming are administered.

BIS monitoring identifies the depth of anesthesia. Deep hypnosis (BIS 68 Moreover, patients may have different anesthetic sensitivity: low anesthetic concentration surprisingly may be associated with a low BIS and low MAP.

To decrease local anesthetic dose, some authors have added opioid analgesics. Unilateral spinal anesthesia, by injecting a small dose of hyperbaric bupivacaine into the patients placed in the lateral position for 15 minutes, reduces the incidence of hypotension during spinal anesthesia.

Continuous view all submit story popular upcoming anesthesia provides less hypotension than a single-shot technique. Hypotension must be quickly treated by an intravenous agent and a decrease of depth of anesthesia to limit its duration (Figure 1). Intraoperative hypotension must be treated according to its cause, so it is critical to determine the pathophysiological process conducive to perioperative hypotension, such as: effect of anesthetic agents, hypovolemia, position or surgical technique, cardiac etiology, carbon of mechanical ventilation, or anaphylaxis.

Moreover, the severity of hypotension, associated signs, and the effect of initial therapy can be used to guide the treatment.

After anesthesia induction, hypotension is mainly associated with vasoplegia (effect of anesthetic drugs) and the beginning of mechanical ventilation. During surgery, hypotension may be linked to hypovolemia, high doses of anesthetics, and heart failure.

Abbreviation: CI, continuous infusion. Ephedrine is the first-line treatment of intraoperative hypotension during general anesthesia. Ephedrine is an indirect alpha and beta-adrenergic agonist, whereas phenylephrine is a direct alpha-agonist of the sympathetic system.

These drugs have been well studied in the obstetrics setting. A dose-response study of prophylactic infusions of phenylephrine and ephedrine in the prevention of hypotension after spinal anesthesia for cesarean delivery demonstrated a potency ratio of 81:1.

In consequence, ephedrine is a better drug to maintain cardiac output.



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